LAON H&C is a professional company that research, develop, and produce hygienic product and
baby product for baby and mother.
Breast-feeding Hygiene Baby food Life
Breast Feeding
Check Breast feeding product of
LAON H&C for baby and mother.
Basic Breastmilk bag/30pcs(LAON-A001)
Basic Breastmilk bag/90pcs(LAON-A001-1)
Premium Breastmilk bag/30pcs(LAON-A002)
Powder milk bag/30pcs(LAON-A003)
View Breastmilk bag/30pcs(LAON-A004)
Fingerlest Breastmilk bag/30pcs(LAON-A005)
Fingerlest Breastmilk bag/60pcs(LAON-A005-1)
Mini Breastmilk bag/30pcs(LAON-A006)
Disposable Breast pad/120pcs(LAON-A007)
Disposable Breast pad/50pcs(LAON-A007-1)
Disposable Breast pad/100pcs(LAON-A007-2)
Silicon Breast Pump(LAON-A008)
Comfy Breast Pad / 100pcs

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